The Inventor

Whenever inventors encounter a problem, they see it as a challenge with many possible solutions. The inventor isn’t afraid to try new things and has ambitious goals: whether that’s starting a social business or developing a new material. Inventors think in “what if”s and see the world as a place of endless possibility.

Envisioning the future

Inventors can make an impact through showing society what the future could look like. They are also capable of designing and implementing ideas to make a direct impact on people’s lives.  That’s innovation.

Makers and entrepreneurs

You’ve got imagination. But inventors also develop skills to be able to apply their creativity IRL. That is: they make things feasible with skills  like craftsmanship, science or engineering, and a key business sense. Of course, knowing how to imagine, make, and market something is hard on your own, so inventors who collaborate have a leg up. Finally, inventors are not afraid to fail. Knowing when to push forward and knowing when to call it quits – is something you’ll learn through trial and error. 

Successful inventors could become social entrepreneurs, inventors of new apps, products, services, or founders and CEO’s.

Start with problem finding

Ideas flow easily for you – but you got to make sure that you’re working on something worth solving. Start by looking around you – what everyday problems are your peers facing?

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