The Giver

Givers care deeply about the people around them. Full of compassion, they are always the first to help their friends in crisis. Givers are very sociable and often considered the glue in their social circles. You know how some people still have a proper birthday calendar? It’s probably a giver. Givers are hard-workers, can be selfless at times, and know that family is whomever you let into your heart.

Impact through inclusion

Because of their altruistic nature, givers are very important to society, especially in times like today! Givers have the most impact when they choose to extend their kindness to those that we may consider strangers.  In truth we are not so different from each other. Givers can have an impact by actively including others. #youcansitwithus

Making connections

Givers are socialites who find it easy to connect with anyone. Great at small talk, organized and hardworking, givers are ideally suited to both party planning  and charity work. Givers are important in every job and make some pretty great neighbors too. They always have your back. 

Start by finding a charity

What do you care about? Start by finding a (local) charity that aligns with your goals and donate your lunch money. But – since you probably have more time than money – consider volunteering.

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