The Educator

Educators love to learn as much as they love to teach. Supportive, open-minded, and passionate, educators love to share their knowledge and skills with others. They are great at explaining concepts and ideas and care more about the success of the group than personal success. They see potential in anyone and seeing their friends or students grow into better people is the ultimate payoff.

Teach a man to fish

And he will eat for a lifetime. We’ve all heard this cliche but it couldn’t be more spot on about the impact of education. We have all had a teacher or mentor who has had a massive impact on our life. By passing on your knowledge, you can 1000-fold your impact. The ultimate goal for educators? That everyone has access to education and discovers the joy of learning.

Flexible and patient

Educators are patient listeners, lively explainers, and forever learners. Great teachers actually learn as much from their students as they teach. Educators know that education isn’t something that is just taught at school. If you do it well, you learn your whole life. Great teachers teach about things that actually matter, stimulate creativity in others, and coach instead of preach. Superheroes, for sure. But educators exist in every sphere of life: mentors, coaches, teachers, team leaders, you-tubers.

Start through mentoring

What is something that you’re good at? A subject at school or a creative skill. Share your knowledge by signing up to tutor or offering to mentor younger students. It will be rewarding.

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