The Creator

Creators have that something special. Fearless, funny, crazy talented, and in tune with their emotions, creators are great at making the world a little prettier, funnier, or more bearable to live in. Creators each have a unique lens through which they experience the world – and translate those experiences into forms that captivate the hearts and minds of their audience.

Impact through meaning-making

Creators are super important because they give a tangible form (a painting, a song, or even a meme) to ideas, feelings, and stories – inviting the public to react. Creators can use their work to highlight issues, create controversy, or make light of an otherwise grim situation (I’m looking at you COVID-19). And of course, they inspire us. Every creator inspires another creator in the making.

Talent that has purpose

Creator talents can include making music, art, film, comedy,  anything really that allows you to  express yourself. You don’t have to be super talented for your work to be meaningful. if your work inspires awe, fury, recognition or reflection, it has the potential to change lives. Creators are great at telling stories and connecting with their audience. They’e also not afraid to experiment or do something people don’t like. If people either love you or hate you – you are probably doing something interesting.

Overall, creators play a huge role in engaging the public. Influential creators, whether they are artists, musicians, poets, chefs, dancers or comedians – create culture. That’s a huge deal – especially if you can connect it to a cause you care about.

Start by Making and Reflecting

Step 1: Consider how your talents could be used to help your cause.
Step 2: Experiment and put things out there.

In the words of famous creators

My approach is just fearless. I’m not afraid to try anything

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