The Commentator

Commentators believe in good conversations. Commentators are critical: they can easily recognize when news is fake news. They’re curious: they love to read whether that’s books, the news, or vice articles. And smart: they know how to win an argument!  Commentators provide us with lenses through which we see and understand the world. They believe that society can benefit from more discussion and well-informed debate by helping people become more educated, aware and understanding of one another.

Starting the public debate

Commentators can make an impact by giving us new perspectives, talking about taboos, and by involving more people in the discussion. How society writes and talks about things matters: it actually shapes our attitudes and actions. Not just that – commentators are currently super important in the battle against fake news. They help us navigate the sea of (mis)information online.

Smart AND sensitive

Commentators often develop key skills like critical thinking, writing and interviewing. Although perhaps some commentators are competitive in nature, they need to develop sensitivity and honesty to achieve the most growth and impact. Commentators who are able to step out of their comfort zones, understand multiple perspectives, and let go of their ego just a little bit – are able to share the stories that deserve attention.

You probably know a lot of famous commentators that are documentary makers, bloggers, journalists, podcast hosts and writers. But: if you love to debate with your friends, you probably are one too!

Start by questioning everything

While reading something online – don’t just accept it as is. Question everything and develop your critical perspective. How should things rather be?

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