The Caretaker

Caretakers are very aware of the world around them. Intuitive, kind and mindful, caretakers are always there for those who need a listening ear and are often considered “wise for their years”. Caretakers love to live in the moment and can find beauty and joy everywhere they look, especially in the little things.

Caring for our world

Caretakers take care of our environments and those around them through carefully considering how their actions affect others. They are incredibly important for our planet because they preserve and enhance the beauty and significance of cultural spaces, natural resources, the places they live, and the communities they are a part of. Caretakers know  that to be happy is not to be rich but to be attentive.

Love Warriors

Caretakers are big on love. Yes that’s a skill! Patience, unconditional kindness,  forgiveness, slowing down and being present are skills that are not easy to learn, but worthwhile! Caretakers know how to appreciate and support their friends and are great at focusing only on the things that matter. You probably find lots of caretakers in social workers, healthcare workers, nature lovers, spiritual gurus and community organizers.

Find neglected beauty 

Look around you. What are some beautiful things that have been neglected? It could be the local playground or your school library. How can you help give these new life? 

In the words of famous caretakers

When I look deeply within myself, I realize what it is that I really want from others: attentive ears that listen to what I am saying, kind words that acknowledge my existence and worth, gentle eyes that accept my flaws and insecurities. I resolve to be that person for those around me.

Haemin Sunim
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