The Advocate

Advocates know that change can’t happen alone. Sociable and purpose-driven, they get really excited when they find a community that shares their purpose, whether that’s online or in real life.  Once advocates find a cause that fires them up, they are 100% dedicated.

Change through collaboration

Advocates love working with others, whether that means spreading awareness or building consensus. Advocates make an impact on the world by breaking with the me-mode. they get way more done by learning from their heroes, building teams, and cheering on their followers.

Resourceful connectors

Advocates help their cause with a touch of ingenuity. They either have a creative or organizational talent (or do you have both?!) which they use to campaign for their causes, tell stories and collaborate with others. Advocates will never make you feel small, but like you are right there with them. Some fully developed advocates launch influential campaigns, deliver keynote speeches, or organize events.

Start with community

If you haven’t already – start by finding your people. What do you care about? Chances are others in your school/uni or local area do too. Your campaign will be stronger if you have a team.

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