Citizens in the Making is a space for self-creation

Your dreams become reality when you imagine, plan, and do. It starts with the small things, and anyone can do it. All you need is energy, imagination, and a willingness to grow. In the 2020’s we need new kinds of citizens. Citizens who are critically aware, rather than compliant. Citizens who are hopeful, rather than disillusioned. Citizens who are self-starters, rather than consumers. Citizens who need and support each other, rather than compete against each other. Citizens who recognize that their unique talents can benefit society at large. We need citizens who believe in the collective potential of our diverse contributions. (and that starts by believing in your own potential) Citizenship isn’t just a set of rights you inherit or set of duties you must carry out. It’s about the kind of person you want to become. What impact do you want to leave behind? What life do you want to create for yourself and for others? Which Citizen in the Making are you?

Citizens in the Making was born out of the graduation project of RCA and Imperial College London graduate Eva Oosterlaken. Do you have ideas for how Citizens in the Making could develop further? Let's connect.

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Citizens in the Making is currently on view at RCA2020

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